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Sid is a third year Computer Science student. He also came to the realization that it is unusually difficult to write a succinct biography two seconds into writing this one. Let's see: he really likes writing, listening to music, graphic design, and protecting free speech on campus. He's also a big believer in the power that student journalism possesses to sustain discussion. He has been involved in The Ath since his first year, and wants to see it grow. He'd someday like to live in New York with his pet snake 'Kimberly'. (If after reading this biography you'd like to hire him to ghostwrite your online dating profile, shoot him an email at [email protected])

Sexual Assault: A Response

In the definition of the law, assault is any action which has intent to apprehend and/or harm an individual unlawfully. Sexual assault, by this definition, is any...

Listen to the Kids

Listen to the kids In all of our bids For Freedom and Knowledge For Adventure and Sins For in time we’ll find our dime And become the next kings Listen to the...

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