Author: athdistractions

Hi everyone. My name is Emily. I'm an Aquarius, I like long walks on the beach and telling people that Daylight Savings is nothing more than an unnecessary control measure the government uses to keep people under their thumb. (Ask me about it sometime, but you're going to need about 10 mins so don't ask unless you're really committed.) At the moment, my favorite cryptid is the Abominable Swamp Slob, but it changes frequently. One day I dream of retiring and living in a small cottage on a mountainside with two golden retrievers and my capable and friendly husband. The cottage is isolated enough that we can wander into the woods to search for the local cryptids, but even if we don't see any it's ok because we love each other and hiking is fun. Our children are content with their lives, and they live at the bottom of the mountain. We visit them at Christmas and the grandkids come up the mountain in the summer. All is well in the world.

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