Author: Colin Mitchell

Colin Mitchell
Colin Mitchell is searching far and wide for the meaning of ‘covfefe’ as the News Editor for The Athenaeum this year. A third year Honours student in Politics from Vancouver, British Columbia, he’s also a firm believer in “see no bullsh*t, hear no bullsh*t, speak no bullsh*t”. That’ll be his focus: to bring important stories in our community to the News section especially in a time where the truth is under threat. That means writing about issues that matter and keeping those in power accountable. When he’s not searching the depths of the Internet for obscure words or keeping up with the world via Facebook, he’s still around: running Humans of Acadia and the Acadia Photographic Society, part of Acadia Model UN, formerly the ASU Arts Senator, and now as Student Board of Governors Representative. Here’s to hoping he finds what he’s looking for.

FDA Approves Female “Viagra”: Pleasure or Profit?

A new drug is set to hit the U.S. markets on October 17th. Commonly referred to as “female Viagra,” Addyi, generic name flibanserin, is the first FDA-approved drug...