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  1. My daughter’s friend complained often last year of feeling ill after eating in the cafeteria at Acadia and said that other people in her residence had the same problem. When I checked the NS Food Inspection Reports I found that Acadia has multiple infractions each year dating back to 2013, and that follow-up inspections often find that only some of the infractions are fixed. I asked for another inspection, which was done on the 24th February of this year, months after the complaint was made. The inspection found five types of infractions, including missing sneeze guards, mold and grime, unclean freezers, and food stored at incorrect temperatures. A follow-up inspection on 4th March this year showed the sneeze guards were not in place. A check of food inspection reports for universities in Nova Scotia shows that they have either no infractions or minor ones in comparison to those at Acadia. Acadia students in residence have no choice but to eat in the cafeteria, they pay a considerable amount of money for it and they have a right to safe and clean food.

    • Hi Lynn, I have contacted you for further discourse. I’d like to discuss your findings and experiences.

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