The Living Sky

Hey, past lover.
I think
We were two sets of eyes watching same sets of clouds.
Do you like the sound of that?
Makes it sound pretty.
Makes it sound real.

Hey, past lover.
I think
I miss watching these skies with you.
Did you see last night’s storm?
Lightning fell like it wanted to be rain.
Winds rose as if they wanted to crash into Heaven.

Hey, past lover.
I think
We made the right choice in the end, even if it hurts.
Do you know what I mean?
Good ideas undone by too much understanding.
Bad ideas made divine by too great of distance.

Hey, past lover.
I think
Your smiles these days would be more cumulus rather than wispy cirrus.
Do you think that you are happier now?
Because I really hope that you are.
Because I really think that I am.

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