Acadia Theatre Company: Henrik Ibsen’s A Doll’s House, Translated by Simon Stephens

Love, loyalty, and social constraints are a quintessential topic of discussion, regardless of the era.

The Acadia Theatre Company (ATC) is commencing preparations for the winter semester’s production of Henrik Ibsen’s famous play, A Doll’s House. Simon Stephens, a playwright, translated the original text.  With subtle changes, the characters’ anxieties are seen through a contemporary lens.

The play is directed by Dr. Anna Migliarisi, a professor in Acadia University’s Theatre Department, who is also an actor, a producer, a writer, and a private coach.  Dr. Migliarisi’s approach comprises various methods rooted in the foundational principles passed down from Constantin Stanislavsky.

The show opens Wednesday, March 22 in Lower Denton Theatre on the Acadia University campus for a total of 8 performances.  The play runs March 22-24 and 28-31, with a matinée Saturday March 24 and Saturday March 31.  Curtain time is at 7:30 pm for all shows, except the 1:00 pm Saturday matinées.

The cast includes Andrea Switzer, Zachery Craig, Joseph Brown, Hunter Haas, Ashley Wells, Anna Van Hoof, and Katie Mintz; with Sydney Gillis as Stage Manager, and Tristan Kenny and Morgan Cummings as Assistant Stage Managers; with Marcus Wong, as Assistant Director.

The three-act play was written in 1879, and centers around protagonist Nora Helmer, a young and vibrant housewife who suffers a crippling dependency on her husband.  She takes measures into her own hands when her husband falls ill at the beginning of her marriage, and she has been paying back her debt for eight years.

The final scene of A Doll’s House is one of the most famous climaxes of nineteenth-century dramas. Ibsen’s play maintains its relevancy as women’s rights is an on-going topic of discussion.

The ATC insists that this show will be a must see in March of 2018.

The Acadia Box Office will open ticket sales closer to the show dates.

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