SRC Decoded: What You Missed April 10th

Every week, your elected student government meets on a Tuesday night to talk about issues concerning the ASU. Agenda items can seem long, mysterious and confusing without the proper background, making it difficult to see how these issues affect students. Here’s what happened at the last meeting on April 10th:

New Council

This was the first meeting of the 2018-19 SRC. Power was delegated by the previous Council to ensure the first meeting was legitimate and that their authority holds for the summer meeting, as the Executive Board has authority until the first day of the Academic Year.

Executive Goal Documents

Council Members adopted the goal documents of the Executive Board, comprised of the President, VP Finance & Operations, VP Student Life, VP Events & Promotions, and VP Academic & External. The goal document of the Chairperson was also adopted, emphasizing the ongoing ASU Bylaw revision as an important goal for the upcoming year.

Committee Appointments

Council entertained appointments to standing committees. These committees include:

  • Presidential Affairs Committee: Tasked with handling issues pertaining to the Office of the President but meets rarely
  • Events & Promotions Committee: Tasked to develop communication and promotion strategies over the year, including events like SuperSUB and Frost Week
  • Academic Affairs Committee: Tasked with dealing with issues pertaining to the University and student life, including representation on the University Senate and running events like the Propylaeum Cup. This is a very active committee
  • Student Life Committee: Deals with clubs, internal organizations, and general student affairs as chaired by the VP Student Life
  • Financial Affairs Committee: Proposes the annual budget to Council and deals with other financial matters
  • Campus Representation Committee: Ensures representation pertinent to diversity on campus
  • House Presidents Committee: Composed of all House Presidents and the VP Student Life to discuss residence affairs
  • Governance Committee: Tasked with ensuring that the ASU functions well. This is an active committee because of the persistent revisions to the ASU Constitution and bylaws
  • Review Board: The only ASU Committee that has legal power. This committee deals with Council honoraria and payments to other ASU employees
  • Student Funding Committee: Deals with approving transactions from the Student Activities Fund and Wellness Fund
  • Environmental Sustainability Committee: Chaired by the Sustainability Officer and works with other environmentally inclined clubs and organizations on campus to promote sustainable practices
  • Hiring Committee: Hires Union employees and members within the Office of the Chairperson
  • SUB Renewal Committee: The most recent Standing Committee tasked with ensuring the process for redeveloping the Student Union Building stays on track