Biology Graduate Marc Hetu on His Research Experience at Acadia

A 2014 graduate from Acadia’s biology department, Marc Hetu now works in Acadia professor Dr. Sherri McFarland’s chemistry lab. He really enjoys his work there which focuses on the exciting field of light activated anti-cancer drugs. The field, called photodynamic… Continue Reading

Things That Should Have Been Curbed in 2016

  1) The notion that “White Privilege” is offensive and racist towards White People. Racism, cultural appropriation, and discrimination have been a hot-button issue throughout history. With the rise of social media platforms, along with the recent election of Donald… Continue Reading

WISE Acadia Celebrates Diversity in Computer Science

On Tuesday, October 18th, WISE (Women in Science and Engineering) Acadia presented a collection of poster presentations bringing together a variety of researchers from across campus. Each poster represented a unique way to look at how technology can be applied… Continue Reading