Why Everyone Should Watch This Is Us

This Is Us, a popular TV drama, is one of my favorite shows of all time. There are so many reasons for this, but I’ve only listed a few. I hope it inspires you to start watching it, too.


  1. It teaches life lessons

Without spoiling too much, there are many examples throughout the show of characters who struggle with such real issues that viewers can’t help but learn and grow alongside them. One of the times I felt myself most invested in the characters’ lives was when a young girl tells her parents she’s gay. I had never truly understood the difficulties that come with this. Although I’ve still never personally experienced it, and therefore can’t fully comprehend what it’s like to go through, the show’s depiction of one person’s experience allowed me to get a glimpse at how hard that can be. I now have a much deeper appreciation for the pain people go through just to be themselves.

We also see topics such as alcoholism, adoption, racism, toxic relationships, mental health, and so many others being explored so openly. The show has allowed me to think about these things more profoundly and to learn from the characters’ experiences. Through the characters’ struggles, the show tells us that it’s okay, and that it’s normal, to experience the things they do.


  1. You feel like you’re a part of the characters’ lives

The producers are extremely talented in making you invested in the storylines of the characters by creating the feeling that you know them personally. Since they are so vulnerable, viewers feel like they are there with them, learning, helping, and growing. One of the characters in the show experiences panic attacks and anxiety. By depicting this so openly, it’s easy to feel like you’re experiencing those moments with him. This may make you reflect on similar situations from your own life, which connects you to the show that much more.


  1. There is so much love

Since the show follows the main characters from birth to adulthood, viewers experience different types of love throughout their entire lives. We see supportive and healthy relationships, as well as toxic examples of love. Familial love is the base of the entire show as it’s represented through arguments, sacrifices, and hardships. Romance is another huge part of the series, with passionate love stories, divorce, and love in the LGBTQ+ community all being explored. There is also a focus on the characters’ adoration for friends, pets, music, and other passions in life. All of this love makes the show so much more appealing.


  1. You’ll feel every emotion

If you ask anyone else who’s seen the series, they’ll either tell you that it’s the most amazing show they’ve ever seen, or that it’s the most amazing show they’ve ever seen but they can’t watch it anymore because it makes them cry every time they watch it. The vulnerability of the characters gives everyone something to relate to, which is often a cause for tears. The show is also hilarious. With the close bond the siblings have comes humour that families can relate to. The fact that the characters’ stories can make viewers cry and laugh simultaneously is rare.