I brank a dottle

I mean I drank a bottle of wine tonight

and ate sausage and egg

wrapped in chewy pancake

a crepe?

I went from being hungry and tired

to just tired

and filled with a loneliness

not even an egg could cure

amazing egg

chalky gelatin vessel of nutrients

the body needs so much to function

I blame the wine

nothing good ever came from drinking alone

except the realization

that you’re better than twelve dollar grape juice

be an egg

I need you to survive

with a lazy eye  and a crutch

called self-pity

I ate it up and savoured the vinegar taste

of eggs

amazing eggs

I want to be a pure globe

with sunshine in the middle

I guess in a way I savoured

the vinegar of my attitude with

gold winner California wine

sweet sweet wine for a bitter bitch

old hag

old hag at twenty-one

I wanted to be soft and chewy

but I became a bump

I’ll never be mad about it

because I ate eggs

amazing eggs

even better than what they grow up to be

chicken is an insult really