I’m alright

I’m alright,

Everything is alright, 

Within my brain things have ended,

The sun has set, 

The curtains have closed for good, 

The actors are packing their things now, 

The shops have closed, 

I’m drawing my final breath, 

End of act. 

I don’t know how you feel,

But my life feels new already 

Without you in it.

I had to go through the pain, 

The hurt, 

The heartbreak, 

And the acceptance to get here.

Now what’s left 

Is to pull the bandaid off, 

Slowly, sure, 

But off all the same.

It was nice knowing you, 

Give me a kiss goodbye, 

We can reminisce later

About all the happy memories 

And good times we have had, 

But not now. 

Now is time for something new, 

Somewhere you cannot follow. 


Can’t you see our roads diverged, 

I am happy now, 

Very content, 

And glad we came here. 

I never thought I would be, 

But in a moment of clarity 

I understand 

Why the end is now. 

So goodbye, 

I’ll be alright, 

In fact, 

I’m alright now.