No where towns

 There are roads 

Long and unlit

In nowhere towns 

Where the lights

Of 90-80s beat up cars 

Light up the yellow and black pavement 

Somebody with someone 

Is driving down one of those roads 

Feet up on the dash 

A private moment between the two 

With the stars, the dark foliage, and the dim lights 

Serving as good company 

I might never get 

To the spots my friends talk of 

Painting pictures or campsites, of fire light, 

Breathtaking views, and stars a million miles away

I haven’t grown up here 

And I won’t stay 

So I will never know what these moments would feel like  

But I hope to be someone 

In a nowhere town 

Driving down a long 

Two lane road 

Near the middle of the night 

My feet up on the dash 

And a person who I love 

They will smile at me over the dash 

And I will feel like nobody at all 

In the best way

I want to be that person 

Just for a little while 

Shedding the city life off of me 

And be a nowhere person 

In a nowhere town 

Just me, a fleeting lover 


And yellow painted lines