Oh, The Places You’ve Been and The Places You’ll Go

With move-in day approaching I began to feel nervous.
More than 1,400 miles from home and what was the purpose?
I was starting my degree and my young adult life
And Acadia embodied a future that was bright.
When I went for my Frosh pack, I met my future best friend.
I met so many people, on who I learned to depend.
I became acquainted with the rotation of food in meal hall.
I also learned to watch out and not feed the seagulls.
My second year I returned, tan, wise and keen.
I was no longer a Frosh and I’d avoided the freshman fifteen.
I got to know my professors and enjoyed my classes.
I studied, I went out and I even got glasses.
An apartment off campus was where I lived my third year.
Where I met my boyfriend, learned to cook and bonded with peers.
I went to hockey games, started yoga and continued disliking the weather.
I had found where I belonged; I felt it could only get better.
As my final year began, I was anxious and ready.
I was an old pro at school, but as an adult felt unsteady.
The year went by in slow motion, but also too fast
I was home at Acadia, but I knew it could not always last.
As I crossed the stage in U-Hall, the past four years flashed before my eyes.
I saw everything between my first day as a frosh and that moment and I quietly said my goodbyes.
I said goodbye to the place that had made me so nervous four years ago,
The place that had shaped me, that had helped me to grow.
However long you have been at Acadia, you know what I mean.
It is a place that gives back, which in life is not always foreseen.
Future alumni, the end of your time at Acadia is not a plateau,
Oh, the place you have been and the places you’ll go.