The recent reports of sexual assault on our campus are a topic that cannot be swept under the rug. The #kNOwMore campaign would like to make themselves a visible entity on campus that promotes discussion and awareness in regards to these issues. We would like to acknowledge and support those who have spoken out about their sexual assaults and stand in solidarity with those who have been made to feel as though they cannot come forward.

An email that was recently circulated by administration claimed the university is committed to a zero tolerance when it comes to sexual assault. Yet, there is no written zero tolerance policy on sexual assault. Words need to be translated into action. In addition to this, Acadia’s policy against harassment and discrimination has not been updated since 2007. Zero tolerance should be a commitment and a practice, not just reactionary emails sent to the student body only when the media has become involved. This is not an adequate response to the problem of rape culture on campus. There is a need for ongoing conversation that involves students, faculty, and administration.

We plan on hosting a group discussion that will be open to all who wish to help build a safe climate on campus. As students we encourage everyone in the Acadia community to speak out against sexual violence and be proactive in addressing these issues. Please stay posted for the date of our open dialogue.


The Faculty of #kNOwMore;


Nora Allen

Vicki Archer

Kira Awrey

Stephanie Bethune

Kate Dalrymple

Christine Moreau

Reed Power-Grimm

Marianne Warren