“Ask Ellen” Returns

After a short hiatus, the “Ask Ellen” column has returned to The Athenaeum. Follow along for answers to all of your most pressing questions.

How to swallow the BS Ath is spinning?

We have to remember that the Ath contains  articles written by individuals that are ultimately going to be biased and geared towards the opinion of the person that wrote it. That person may be trying to include other opinions in order to avoid this bias but for the most part, if it is written by that person, you are getting their perspective on the subject. If you would like more inclusive articles written with less bias, email or message some suggestions our way and we would be happy to review them and see what we could write about. Another awesome idea is if you think what the Ath is displaying is bullshit.. write for them. If you want something done right, do it yourself. Join the Ath and write unbiased pieces.

So this guy I’m seeing has been acting weird and randomly texted saying he wants to “meet for coffee”… I think he wants to break up… so I told him I didn’t want to meet and then we kinda fell out over text. Was that immature of me?

Some people feel as though they don’t want to go through the emotions in person. That’s fine. As long as it isn’t hurting the other person as well. That person may have wanted to talk to you face to face in order for them to get the closure they needed. Not providing them with that is totally up to you, but something to think about. To answer your question, I don’t think that was immature of you. I do, however, think there could have been a chance that you could have worked through things if his mind wasn’t already 100% set before going for coffee. If you wanted that chance with him, it might have been a good idea to meet. There are a million and one “what ifs” but I think that as long as you’re being fair to your and his emotions, you aren’t being immature at all.


Love it!

Ellen Merchant is a fourth-year Politics and English double major. If you feel like asking her a question, you can ask it right here.