BSA Public Service Announcement

The Black Student Association was created in 2017, with the goal of promoting diversity at Acadia. Many might question the truth of my previous statement because of the club’s name itself: “The Black Student Association.” But, contrary to what the name might imply, the BSA was created to cater to a range of cultures within the Acadia community, with black bodies at the forefront. BSA membership or participation is not restricted to individuals who identify as black.

The BSA is open to everyone and anyone who is interested in diversifying (whether visibly or not) Acadia’s campus culture. The backbone of the BSA is multiplicity and we plan to promote this through our discussions and events. Please note that these activities are open to all, and all opinions are welcomed as long as they are presented respectfully. We encourage diverse thought perspectives and ask you not to shy away only because you believe your opinions are unpopular.

Our discussions will serve as a learning space for everyone, so we ask that you come ready to speak on whatever perspective you have, but also with an open mind. The BSA is here to bridge Acadia’s pervasive cultural divide, so we encourage everyone irrespective of race, gender, orientation, or any other label that separates us from one another to join our club or participate in its activities.

Nendelmwa Gofwan is President of The Black Student Association and a 3rd Year Politics and Sociology Major