First Year Officer: Blake Steeves

Blake is a first year business student living in Barrax house. Blake has perfected his now world-renowned dancing skills. In his free time, Blake enjoys performing his DJ skills, playing hockey and rocking his cowboy boots through the beautiful streets of Wolfville. Blake is running for the position of Acadia’s Student Union’s First Year Officer. He is very ambitious for the upcoming year and would love to put his mark on Acadia. As First Year Officer, he will be relentless in pursuing his ambitions. He will be the voice of Acadia’s first year population. Aiming to improve communication and student life, Blake will serve as a relations member and be sitting on councils to make your freshman year the best year here at Acadia. Blake Steeves is your best option for First Year Officer. Come out on September 27th and make the right choice. Vote Blake Steeves.