Happy Birthday, Nunavut!

Today, 20 years ago, Nunavut was created as a territory in Canada. The triumphant moment came 6 years after the Nunavut Land Claims Agreement received royal assent. It was important moment for Inuit peoples in the North of Canada because it emphasised self-determination through their right to their land and self-governance, creating a course for their own futures.


So, it is only fitting to announce The IQ Adventure, www.inuitq.ca, which functions as a database for Inuit knowledge, and a workshop for those interested in learning about Inuit language and culture. On the website, there is an interactive movie which allows viewers to go on an adventurous voyage to meet elders and community leaders, to learn Inuit values and practices. More than fun, this IQ Adventure teaches us how to be, like the Inuit peoples, “keepers of the land,” as we are immersed in Inuit intelligence and their deep knowledge.


I encourage you to visit www.inuitq.ca to take your IQ today!


Happy Birthday, Nunavut!  


**Did you know? 

Nunavut’s territory is so vast that it covers one fifth of Canada. If it were its own country, it would be the 12th largest in the world! 


Shelby is an M.A. candidate in the Department of Politics exploring the intersections of race, gender, voluntourism and student gap year travel. He is a native of The Bahamas.