Our Commitment

Thank you! Thank you to all students who voted, and particularly to those students who put themselves forward as candidates – we are grateful for your advocacy, hard work and participation in student democracy. From the Executive team (excluding the VP Finance and Operations whom has yet to be hired), we look forward to the year ahead and to continuing on the great work of the current ASU President, Executive Team, and Council.

Speaking on behalf of the elected 2018/2019 ASU Executive team I say, we are here for you – we are here to listen, we are here to learn, and we are here to make sure that the ASU and Acadia provides you with the academic, social, and extracurricular supports that promote all students’ wellbeing, now and beyond all of our experiences at Acadia. We are here for you – whether you have an issue with the Axe lineups, the need for microwaves in the BAC, the lack of supports for Inuit, Metis, and First Nations students across Canada, or any other matter – we are here to listen to and work with you to make Acadia more accessible, affordable, and supportive.

Now, the work begins. My commitment is to enhance the services that all of us as students depend on – to ensure the academic, social, and personal success of the student body. My focus throughout the year ahead will be on you – improving the social and medical supports that we depend on, promoting the environmental sustainability of the ASU and university, enhancing the food security of the student body, and ensuring that the Executive team is listening and responding to you.

Acadia means so much to all of us, there are few universities across Canada that provide the amazing personalized and unique undergraduate experience quite like Acadia. We are blessed with an engaged student body and this election has been a test to that, with a nearly 35% voter turnout, we succeeded again in achieving one of the highest voter turnouts of any student union in the nation. I am proud of this institution, I am proud of us as a student body, and I beyond excited to work with you to build a more inclusive, diverse, and supportive campus community. From the incoming elected executive team, all the best to everyone for an amazing reading week and many thanks for your participation in the democratic process.

Cheers and thanks for voting,

George & the 2018/19 ASU Executive