SRC Decoded: What You Missed October 24th

Every week, your elected student government meets on a Tuesday night to talk about issues concerning the ASU. Agenda items can seem long, mysterious and confusing without the proper background, making it difficult to see how these issues affect students. Here’s what happened at the last meeting on October 24th:

Cover at The Axe

Decisions about how much the cover charge at The Axe will be is still under debate between the SRC and the Executive Board. The overall decision about the cost will be decided by the Exec Board, composed of the President and four VPs, with approval from SRC. While The Axe is the only bar that does not increase cover on their busiest day, which is Friday, they are working on coming up with an option that makes it sustainable and reasonable for the students. They have come down to three options:

  1.  No cover, which is the least sustainable and will not allow for bands to play or for clubs to have fundraisers.
  2. $5 cover every night, which is sustainable but not the preferred option from students.
  3. The preferred choice between the Exec Board and SRC was to have each night at a different cost. Thursdays and Fridays would be open to clubs to have fundraiser nights where all of the cover goes towards the club. Costs of Thursday would be $2 and $3 on Friday. On Fridays, if a club has not signed up to decorate and fundraise at The Axe, there would be a food drive. Cover would be non-perishable canned food to be donated to local food drives and charities. On Saturdays, the cost could either be $5 if there is a band playing, or no cover if there is no band.

Madison Hathaway is the Student Politics Correspondent for The Athenaeum and a third year Honours student in Politics & French