The Hatchet Launches at Acadia

The Hatchet News, Acadia’s satire news site, has launched at Acadia University.

The project comes into existence under the watchful eye of Axe Radio Co-Coordinators Brandon de Aguiar and Coleman Merry, who noted the peculiar existence of the site.

“I was talking with Blake Ward [the previous Axe Radio Coordinator] and I’d asked him what he wanted to do, and he mentioned he wished he’d done something like The Onion,” de Aguiar said. “I’m so far removed from politics I didn’t really know what it was before, but I did some research and saw how cool it was.”

De Aguiar, who also runs De Aguiar Web Designs, was later asked by The Athenaeum to redesign the newspaper’s website. However, due to hiring issues with the ASU the request was withdrawn.

“That created the opportunity for us to really make this happen,” he said.

Daniel Robinson is taking the lead as Editor in Chief of The Hatchet.

Working with former Editor in Chief of The Athenaeum Sid Kondapuram and a full staff of writers, including Santana Briggs, Emma Hope, and Kyle Thompson Clement, The Hatchet is looking to be ‘Atlantic Canada’s Premier Satire Destination’.

Colin Mitchell is a fourth year (Honours) Politics student and Editor in Chief of The Athenaeum