Vice President Academic & External: Helen Allen

Hey Acadia,
My name’s Helen Allen and I’m a second-year Biology major running to be your VP Academic and External in the upcoming election! In the past year, I was the second-year representative for the biology society as well as a TA for the biology department. I feel confident in the change I’ve instilled in my own department and I’m eager to bring forward the same attitude into our student union!
My major goals revolve around student success, starting with more frequent and accessible feedback. I suggest some form of publication for course or professor evaluations. This would set students up for more successful course selections, especially the incoming freshman who may feel overwhelmed and lost by the generalized course outlines currently offered.
I believe that the elected individuals should accurately represent our student body. I want to have the ability to bring attention to the needs of Acadia’s students and seek the required change through this position.
I want to continue the great work in action within Acadia’s student advocacy organizations, such as the Canadian Alliance of Students Association and Students Nova Scotia in order to drive external improvement on behalf of our student body, both provincially and federally.