Upcoming Event: A Run to Dye For

So, why a colour run?  In February, Exercise is Medicine Canada Acadia started an 8 week learn-to-run group that takes people from ‘couch to 5k’.  We felt it was really important to celebrate the accomplishment of completing the program with a 5k event.  Building on some success with a couple of fun walk/runs earlier in the year; we also wanted to end the year with a really fun event that is open and inclusive to absolutely everyone.  We don’t care if you run, walk, crawl, or skip across the finish line, we just want to give everyone an opportunity to get out and have fun.

Let me just say we can appreciate and understand that not everyone enjoys running.  We are not promoting the message that everyone needs to be a runner to be healthy, because we don’t believe that.  But running events don’t always have to be about being fast and beating your personal best.  Sometimes it can just be about being active and having fun with family and friends.  We want to provide events that are inclusive to everyone regardless of age or physical abilities.  We welcome everyone, including children all the way up to older adults and everyone in between.  We are very proud to say our oldest participant so far this year was 85 years old.  Whether you are celebrating the end of another semester, the end of your last semester, the beginning of spring, or just an excuse to put off studying, a Run to Dye for is a chance to come together and do something memorable and fun while being active.

So, grab some friends and come join the most colourful run in the Valley.  A Run to Dye for is a 5k event that is open to people of all ages and abilities.  There will be several ‘colour’ stations throughout the route where participants will be cheered on and showered in colour as they go by.  We encourage everyone to dress head to toe in white, and see how colourful they can be as they join the party at the finish line.  As we get closer to the event, there will be more details posted on the Exercise is Medicine Canada – Acadia University Facebook page and the Acadia Get Fit Facebook page.  All registrations are completed online through the website raceroster.com.  There are also registration links through the Facebook event page and the event listing on Valleyevents.ca.  The event is scheduled for Saturday, April 8th.  The start and finish line is planned for the bottom of the University Hall stairs.  Race kit pickups will begin at 1:00pm and the event will start at 2:00pm.  Race kit purchases are available for early registration only, which ends on March 20th.  Regular registration continues until April 7th.