Annapolis Cider Company’s “Something Different” Review: Spiced Plum

This month, the Annapolis Cider Company released their Spiced Plum cider to fill the ‘Something Different’ slot. It is, of course, the epitome of fall flavours wrapped up into one golden liquid. The aroma is chalk full of cardamom, allspice, and cinnamon. When taking your first sip, these fall spices are immediately present with the addition of nutmeg and even a little ginger, creating a sort of pumpkin pie in your mouth. Following this, a wave of sweet apple and pear washes over the mouth without losing its immediate spiced flavour. After swallowing the drink, the tart plum flavour does an excellent job of wrapping things up leaving you craving another sip. This is an excellent fall beverage for you, your friends, your friends’ friends, and even your parents.  4/5

Adrian Filice is a third year Philosophy student