Beer: Boxing Rock Bottle Blonde

“Jon Smith wrote another beer review? Screw that, he probably just wrote about another Boxing Rock beer like the bleeding heart bluenoser he is” -everybody, probably

Originality is key, and I think keys are old fashioned, so here’s another Boxing Rock review. I only have so much time left living in Nova Scotia, and I figure it makes sense to just spend that time sucking the NS brewery scene’s dick. The beer today is a blonde rye ale, Bottle Blonde, which was coincidentally my nickname during my infamous Slim Shady phase in 2006.

This beer pours a cloudy, unfiltered gold with little to no head. The nose is fairly malty, with a hint of light citrus poking through. Mouthfeel is a little sour, with some strong carbonation throwing my mouth for a wild tangy spin. The taste took a little while to warm up to me, but when it finally did I was pretty satisfied with how everything was going, like a spiteful yet respectful step-son. The whole experience is permeated by a strong bitter grapefruit taste above all else. There’s a lingering grassy taste from the hoppiness, but it all falls into the citrus theme. The beer is oddly summery for a release in mid-February, and it’s making my mind all wobbly.

In my opinion, Boxing Rock is really driving the normally lackluster Nova Scotian beer selection. I’ve found that most breweries in the province (besides the Garrison/Propeller giants) stick to producing in the basement of some bar in downtown Halifax, and don’t have much in the way of distribution across the province. In contrast, you can find Boxing Rock at most liquor stores in the province, and they were only born in 2012. Consistently good quality beer (albeit sometimes a bit too hoppy) makes for a solid addition to the East Coast roster.

Conclusion: She’s right fuggin mint, b’y