Heave Way

As a born and raised Nova Scotian, nothing completes a room more than some authentic Maritime music.  This past weekend at Acadia, Signal Hill, the band, played at a school event.  The atmosphere in the room was incredible.  The pride everyone had while singing Maritime classics accurately represents why so many come to Acadia and stay here.

When people first come to Acadia, bands like Great Big Sea, The Rankins, and Signal Hill may be foreign to them, this isn’t the case for long.  Signal Hill brought over 600 students together.  School events unfortunately can be considered lame or not cool, however Signal Hill changed everything.  I truly had never been so excited for a school function.  People from across the province, from every university, travelled to Wolfville to enjoy this event.

One thing I can guarantee is once people leave Acadia, hearing songs like “Heave Way” brings back the most joyous memories.  The way music brings people together in our Maritime culture is a rare find.  The music never gets old, the good times never die, and the pride one feels never lessens.  Singing in the kitchen with two or three generations to bands like the Rankins our truly my fondest memories.

The way music speaks to people here in the Maritimes is our universal language. The culture this creates is one that is inclusive.  It is so interesting to see such a small area of the world so connected by these artists and songs.  When people think of the Maritimes and time they have spent in the Maritimes, I’m sure that time spent in a local pub listening to local artists’ surfaces.  Maritime music has a way of bringing people together that nothing else does.  The pure essence of our culture and community here in the Maritimes is defined by the love and pride we hear through our music.