Students who arrive on their first day at Acadia, (or any university for that matter), are likely to experience euphoric feelings of excitement, to unnerving feelings of fear and uncertainty. However, most new students do not arrive at Acadia thinking about their fourth and final year at what is soon to be their favourite place on earth.

On the contrary, students arrive back at Acadia after the holiday break for their eighth and final semester with the impending shadow of graduation upon them. The final semester is the last four months to spend everyday with life-long friends, and it is the last four months to experience the beautiful town of Wolfville for all that it has to offer, yet it is also one of the most stressful semesters a student will experience during their undergraduate. Students experience high levels of stress from difficult, higher-level courses, from applying to graduate schools, and from applying for employment. Ultimately, students are applying to live in the real world while at the same time, motivations are likely wearing thin. The stress-free lifestyle of living in a small town and attending a small school, with little obligation, is nearly over.

Seems a little negative doesn’t it? The eighth and final semester of one’s undergraduate degree is also one of the greatest. It is the time to check off items on your bucket list from first year that you never accomplished, it is the time to revisit your first resident and resident assistants, and most importantly it is the time to share your last few moments with those who have made your experience unforgettable. While buying graduation rings, booking graduation photos, and purchasing graduation weekend tickets may seem sad, it is simply a time to reflect back on your experience as an undergraduate student.

Nevertheless, here are a few ideas for you fourth year students to do during your remaining time at Acadia:

  1. Take in all the scenery the Valley has to offer: Walk to the Dykes, go hike Cape Split and maybe on your way, stop at the look-off.
  2. Visit the Wolfville Farmers Market for breakfast or dinner – do yourself a favour and pick up some fresh apple juice, you won’t regret it.
  3. Take a risk: Sing karaoke at The Axe or go sledding at U-hall.
  4. Get a picture with your friends on the Acadia sign (as appropriate or as inappropriate as you like).
  5. Enjoy a Wolfville pub crawl (why not stop for some Scottskins at Joe’s, Lib Pub Manziers, and Paddy’s Blueberry beer).