Summer Talking Points

You made it to your first class early , you’re in your element – you even read your syllabus before hand. On top of the world. Then BLAMO, while your waiting for the classroom door to open someone hits you with a current event you weren’t ready for. Shiiizzzz, you thought you wouldn’t have to comment on this until you got into class or at least went to some pretentious program wine and cheese. But here you are.

Here is what you may have missed over the summer and could have possibly had an opinion on and some talking points to follow them up.

Point: Emmanuel Macron defeats the Marine Le Pen in the French federal election to become the country’s youngest president. He is a liberal-centrist which has refused extremest voices  prevalent in the current global political climate. The movements to the far right have coloured many elections and changes in administration in recent years including Britain, the United States, Canada, and the upcoming federal election in Germany this month.

Counterpoint: Le Pen’s extremist thoughts are ones that are not unique to France. Globally there is a demand for far right voices which yearned to be recognized. This has been evident with last summer’s Brexit, followed by Britain’s David Cameron’s resignation, and of course the result of America’s 2016 federal election. Le Pen represents a perspective which can not be ignored.


Point:   You loved Gal Gadot’s reprisal of Wonderwoman and Robyn Wright’s cameo in the movie was bad ass. There was just enough Chris Pine for comedic relief, but his male presence did not over-ride the female empowerment vibes. Possibly the blockbuster of the summer.

Counterpoint: You could have done without Gal Gadot’s appearances leading up to the release at the UN. It seemed to be a shameless promotional use for the organization and we are not sure what substance was added to her appearance.


Point: Cleveland.

Counterpoint: Golden State.


Point: Advancement in human embryo research has successfully altered common disease causing mutations in genes. A breakthrough.

Counterpoint:  The ethical “designer baby” conundrum is upon us.


Point: Condemning the events of Charlottesville, Va. is a no-brainer. Condemning neo-Nazis, independent white nationalists, Klu Klux Klan, hatred, and murder is easy – especially in 2017.

Counterpoint: I fail to provide a counterpoint here.


Point: Anthony Scaramucci, former white house communications director for a hot second, had barely enough time to be a Trump apologist. He jumped on the White House administration because of the opportunist he is. What he wanted to accomplish other then petting his own ego, I’ll get back to you as soon as sources find out. I believe he just wanted a new place to tuck in his gold chain and hairspray at night.

Counterpoint: A man has got to do what a man has got to do to get in possibly the most powerful decision making body in the world. Let the Americans deal with what they have served themselves up, right? Truthfully, I’m sure all of us are sick of hearing about the real and “fake” news spewing from the Don John T – but the Mooch had to make the summer highlights. He is set to be a host “The View” sometime during the week of September 18-22.


Point: The old Taylor Swift can’t come to the phone now, or ever, because…shes’s errrrrrr dead. My theory is that Becky picked up the phone for her instead (that is a deep tumblr reference so feel free to google).  The new Tay Tay dropped a beat leaving people blissfully confused and definitely intrigued.

Counterpoint: The new Taylor Swift will still be accepting all cheque, direct deposits, e-Transfers, credit card, and cash purchases on behalf of the old Taylor. No information is disclosed about her new album except the drop date, the option to pre-order, and purchase merch: including her jewel embellished snake ring which she sports in her new vid. Hmm, looks like she’s sniffing out for that cash money. I’mma let you finish Taylor but I think you stole some content from Beyonce.


Point: Canada turns 150 years old! We have lots to be proud of.  Being world leaders  historically in innovation of many fields such as medicine, media studies, human and civil rights, or IN SPACE. We have the Stratford Festival, the Snowbirds, arguably the best Pride celebrations, and the prettiest of Prime Ministers. All of this served up on the most diverse landscape, filled with the most diverse collection of people, topped with cheese curds, gravy, and served with a smile.

Counterpoint: The 150 celebration was challenged by the Indigenous people due to the constant neglect of the Aboriginal experience which has left Canadians oblivious. There has been a narrative conveniently left behind by modern Canadians; life before colonialism.


Now, there is much more to know and hear about in this big beautiful world of ours. If you have some thoughts on something I missed that occurred this summer or recently, please feel free to write in!