Acadia Hosts 12th Annual Robot Programming Competition

Acadia was the host of the 12th Annual Robot Programming Competitions on March 4th, 2017. The Robotics Championship includes students from all grades, and is a great way to increase awareness of Computer Science and the Acadia facilities. Groups must go through a pre-Championship round of competition before they are able to progress to the Acadia event. The day included an appearance of the Michelin Man, lots of candy, and more enthusiasm for Computer Science. Key people involved with the event include Gary Walsh, Jenna Watson-Findley, Sidi Yang, Dr. Danny Silver, and Bailin He. Young people are provided with robot pieces in the fall, and must construct it according to a designated design plan. After that, they learn about Computer Science concepts such as loops, variables, and repetition. Robots are programmed to detect changes in color, changes in distance, and other fun things. This years theme was Animal Kingdom, and different events focused on things such as farming and wildlife protection. The competition is a great way to engage young people with developing programs in a supportive and team-oriented environment. The day consists of a Core Values competition, the main event, and a Sumo Challenge. The event took place in the Beverage Arts Centre and the Acadia Gym.

Winners of the 2016/17 Robot Programming Competition

FIRST® LEGO® League (ages 9 to 14):

  • Champion 1stPlace – Royal Robots – Annapolis West Educational Centre
  • Champion 2ndPlace – Techsperts – East St. Margaret’s Elementary
  • Robot Performance Award 1st Place – Royal Robots – Annapolis West Educational Centre
  • Robot Performance Award 2ndPlace – 21st Century Space Guys – Kentville Neighbourhood Team
  • Mechanical Design Award – Armbrae Dragonites – Armbrae Academy
  • Programming Award – Clayton Park Wildcats – Clayton Park Jr. High
  • Strategy and Innovation Award – Robo Lobo Wired – Wolfville School
  • Core Values Inspiration Award – LEGO Intelligence – Colchester East Hants Library
  • Core Values Teamwork Award – Trurobotics – Truro Public Library
  • Gracious Professionalism Award – 21stCentury Space Guys – Kentville Neighbourhood Team
  • Project Research Award – Dynamic Robotic Duo – Halifax Community Group
  • Project Innovative Solution Award – Legos R Us – Imhotep Legacy Academy
  • Project Presentation Award – Hippie lEgo loV3rs –Halifax Neighbourhood Team
  • Judges’ Award Against All Odds – Robotic Roadrunners – Sydney Community Team
  • Judges’ Award- Honourable Mention Award – Sisters of Science – Kingston Community Team

Global Innovation Award Team Nominee (certificate) – Legos R Us – Imhotep Legacy Academy

ROBOFEST® High School Robotics Competition:

Game Competition (RoboHit)

  • 1stPlace – King’s-Edgehill School 5 – King’s-Edgehill School
  • 2ndPlace – SJA Team A – Sir John A. MacDonald High School
  • 3rdPlace – Robats – Horton Community Team
  • 4thPlace – Royal Robots – Annapolis West Educational Centre



  • 1stPlace – King’s-Edgehill School 6 – King’s-Edgehill School
  • 2ndPlace – Robats – Horton Community Team
  • 3rdPlace – SJA Team A – Sir John A. MacDonald High School


Outstanding Rookie Coach Award:

(FIRST® LEGO® League) – Juan Carlos López & Eduardo Vaz – Axe Robotics – Wolfville

(ROBOFEST®) – Nevin Pick – Lockview

Outstanding Coach Awards:

(FIRST® LEGO® League) – Andy Pitter – Robo Lobo Wired – Wolfville School

(ROBOFEST®) – Chris MacDonald – SJA Team A – Sir John A. MacDonald High School

The Lynn Chipman Memorial Outstanding Volunteer Award: Sidi Yang

Karen Wilder Award – In recognition of perseverance, resilience and courage in overcoming challenges. (named after the former Director of the Program): Martin Main