Acadia Men’s Rugby

Men’s rugby at Acadia has roots dating back to 1878 when the Acadia Rugby Football Club was founded in December of that year. Nearly 140 years later, the club still proudly stands as one of Acadia’s oldest recognized clubs. Today, ARFC consists of two teams competing in both divisions of the Nova Scotia University Club League, and is open to all Acadia Students regardless of experience in the sport.

We are always more than happy to teach those new to the sport, and we believe that the diversity of rugby background featured on the team is one of the reasons our club is truly special. ARFC is comprised of some players who are entirely new to the sport, as well as players who have competed at the national level. This creates a very unique club dynamic in which more experienced athletes are given an opportunity to share their knowledge with newer members. 

One of the greatest aspects of the game of rugby is its social side, and we do our best to keep this side of rugby culture very much alive.  Unlike many sports where rivalries seem to extend far beyond the end of a match, in rugby there is a level of respect for the opposition going through the same test of physical demand.

After a grueling contest it is common practice in rugby to enjoy few post match beverages with members of the opposition, and one quickly meets many friends throughout the rugby community. Those looking to join are welcome to stop by a training session at the Dykes field (430 Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday) to find out what we are all about. Our next home will take place October 14th, stop on by to enjoy some exciting rugby action and support your Acadia Men’s Rugby Club!