Cross-Country Self-Care Rituals


Self-Care and Health go Hand-in-Hand

Self-care is vital to a student’s education. When students stop taking care of themselves, they soon burn-out. Practicing regimens that indulge in pampering yourself both mentally and physically practices self-love, and in return, boosts self-esteem. Athletes, as a collective, tend to know a thing or two about taking care of themselves. With 6 AM training, workouts to keep in shape, schoolwork, social life, and preparing meals, athletes learn to treat their body well to keep their energy and motivation high. Keeping your mind fit, as we do with our bodies, is equally important. Eventually, if one falls behind, so does the other. Both mental and physical health go together, as one starts to show symptoms of abandonment when the other holds priority. The Axewomen cross-country team appreciates self-care, and they practice daily routines to engage in a healthy lifestyle that supports them both mentally and physically. Self-care represents different values for everyone. Although we should all build our self-care based on what makes us happy, individually, hearing other routines inspires us to practice our versions of self-care.

The Effect of Covid19 on Routine

Students endured a seven-month break over the length of the summer due to Covid19 rushing everyone home last March. The long break appears to the public as a stress-free time for students to end school early, but considering the circumstances, most students were facing confusion and loss of a routine. Without a school schedule, last-minute runs to class, and staying in for a weekend to finish assignments, students were no longer forced to sacrifice one activity for another. No routine to take a break from leaves students in a lull, with loss of self-care. Instead, students fight to finish their exams at home, surrounded by distracting house-hold stimuli. Plenty of students forgot to take care of themselves during this time, and others took advantage of the opportunity to learn new recipes, meditation, art, and other hobbies. When people experience fewer tasks, they take the time to engage in new activities; however, once the work settles in, self-care disappears.

Stigmatization Against Self-Care

 Destigmatizing the idea that people do not need breaks from work to properly function is valid to not only students and athletes but people in any setting. Athletes feed their bodies with proper nutrition to fuel their training and treat their bodies with care leading up to their game. The Axewomen cross-country team takes self-care seriously and makes a conscious daily effort to engage in self-care to boost their routine. Below, the Axewomen have provided a list of ways they take care of themselves during their training season, which we can all integrate into our lives as Acadia students.

Axewomen Cross-Country Team 2020-2021

Jessy Carveth

“so for me, before a race or tough workout, I like to eat a bagel and iced coffee, because it’s very familiar and has become a sort of ritual. I also have a playlist that I like to listen to as I get closer to race/workout time that puts me in a zone. I find putting in my headphones and keeping to myself gets me in a good space mentally” -Jessy Carveth


Lindsay Myles

“Epsom salt bath, and drinking lots of water” -Lindsay Myles





Madalyn Higgins

“for me, number one is 100% a good breakfast! Especially lots of delicious carbs. I also always try to get a good night sleep and shut down extra early on race days” -Madalyn Higgins

Your turn

The Axewomen have just set the standard for your new routine. By gifting yourself positive rewards before and after working, the rituals fuel your motivation and lift you. Engaging in healthy daily habits lets your body and mind know what to expect and learn the respect you deserve. Indulging in an Epsom bath or grabbing an iced coffee and a bagel before a daunting task or workout provides a treat to push you through. Eating a filling breakfast in the morning lets your body know your day is starting and to begin your routine. Next time you have free time (or make time), incorporate a new self-care routine into your day until the habit becomes a daily ritual.