Monday Motivation

I failed when I..

  • never started
  • told myself ‘I can’t’
  • ran away from the scary things
  • literally camped out in my comfort zone

Starting wasn’t easy. It made me uncomfortable. But it was the best freaking thing I ever did.


If I didn’t start and take that leap of faith, I would never know what was on the OTHER SIDE for me.

If I didn’t start, I wouldn’t accomplish any goals.

..If I didn’t start, I would never have been a fitness coach. I would never know what a supportive community of women felt like. I would never be healthy & happy like I am today. But now, 1 year later, I got over the uncomfortable ‘start’, I got used to the hard things, I’m living my best life in my best body, I’m making an impact on people DAILY, I’m creating genuine friends, I’m building my savings account..

..and wondering why I didn’t start sooner.

The days will keep passing. Whether you work with a coach or not, do everything in your power to not let 2019 pass you away without hitting those goals you wanted to. You can do better than that.

This can STILL be your year. I can’t wait to show you what’s on the other side for YOU 💞

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