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Change in Scenery

As our years pass in Wolfville focused on school, extracurriculars, and friends, we occasionally forget to immerse ourselves in everything our little town has to offer. Even at the places we drop-by, there is plenty more to see and enjoy. Instead of spending time staring out the window at the colourful trees as your energy to work on homework burns out, take the opportunity to try somewhere new and recharge. By allowing your eyes a chance to look at sights and scenery other than a laptop screen, your perspective refreshes.

Morning Routine

The Wolfville Farmers Market is a sight for sore eyes on their popular Saturday mornings. Embrace the indoor vendors, warm music via live performers, and support local. At the market, many booths offer options for food, drinks, health and beauty products, and deliciously sweet treats. A fan favourite is the Suprima apple cider available in either red or blue cap, or a mix! If you find your room needs more decorations and nature scenery, pick up a succulent while there to spruce up your study space. Start your morning off with cheerful faces, and treat yourself to the delightful market experience that Wolfville brings to life. 

Bike Rentals

Not many people know, but the Wolfville town library offers free bike rentals to library card owners. So, grab a library card and enjoy a bike ride around town or across the dykes to relish the fresh air. Exercise benefits the brain in multiple ways, relative to school, the growth of brain cells and plasticity (helps to change and adapt). While you are out breathing in the fresh air, you may as well buy a coffee at Just Us! or T. A. N. to kick-up your caffeine intake and power through the rest of your schoolwork. 

Alternative Forms of Exercise

Another way to get some exercise is to book an appointment online or by phone and head to the Acadia Athletics Complex. Book a 45-minute time slot and gear up for a short workout, just long enough to wake your mind up for another round of studying. Make sure to book your appointment 24-72 hours in advance, and you are all set. If casual exercise is more your vibe, go for a short walk around Wolfville and slowly migrate to Willow Park, where there are benches and a pond for peaceful scenery to reset your focus.

Escape through Art

If art sparks your interest, check-out The ClayGround Studio during your free time. The studio allows you to either pop-in for multiple visits and work on the same piece or finish up in one sitting and leave your pottery for a glaze, which usually takes a few days for the process to complete. For those with a niche for knitting, Wool’n Tart might be your new home or a place to learn to knit. If you ever want to stop by, they additionally sell coffee and treats if you are on the hunt for a study snack. The staff always treats newcomers with a welcoming demeanour. The last place on the list is Edible Art. They reside slightly outside of Wolfville, in New Minas, but the café is so heart-warming that the short drive is worth the visit. Reward your school efforts with their cost-affordable and mouth-watering food! Take advantage of their free delivery during Covid, and have the food brought to you while you study those last few terms. 


Below is a list of different places to visit during your next study break:


  • Wolfville Farmers Market

Saturday’s: 9 am-1 pm 

-Wednesday-Friday: 12-6 pm

-Sunday: 12-4 pm


  • Walk or bike ride on the dykes

-The Wolfville Library rents bikes free of charge if you attain a library card


  • Just Us! Coffee house


  • T. A. N. Coffee


  • Acadia Athletics Complex

-Book a fitness centre appointment @


  • Willow Park


  • The ClayGround Studio


  • Wool’n Tart


  • Edible Art (delivers free to Wolfville with purchases minimum of $20)