Sisters in Spirit: the Fourth Acadia Ma’wiomi

On October 4th and 5th, Acadia will be hosting a two-day event led by the Sisters in Spirit organization, a group dedicated to spreading awareness of missing and murdered Indigenous girls, boys, women and men. We will have the honour of receiving Elders, renowned Indigenous artists, and influential political figures within both the Indigenous community and the entirety of Canada. The event will feature a variety of activities celebrating Indigenous culture, such as a sacred flame which will be kept for 24 hours with the help of volunteer students. This is the third year in a row that Acadia will aid in the lighting of the sacred fire, which for some can be a life-changing experience.  Two years ago one student was so inspired by their time keeping the flame that they decided to write a book about it. Other activities include art workshops and an exclusive workshop of the Seven Teachings. They will also be offering broader and less energy-intensive activities, such as a (free!) barbeque, music performances, speeches, and a Circle of Hope in commemoration and celebration of the lives of those who have been lost.

All students and faculty are welcome and highly encouraged to participate. The organizers of the event expect it to be one of historic size and relevance, making it a perfect opportunity to engage in activism, learn how you can help strive towards decolonization in Canada, or even simply to show solidarity for a cause that is often ignored by both the media and government. Whatever your interests or hobbies, this event is sure to offer something that will peak your interests, be it art, politics, culture, history, stories.  Look out for posters detailing times for specific activities, or contact Dr. Alexander for more info!