To: Everyone that doesn’t have a sister

Having a sister is challenging, yet very rewarding,

She is there to help you through your struggles,

And she knows your pain,

She will tell you the truth, all the time,

Her honesty is as kind as truth can be,

She will yell at you when your having a great day,

Make you laugh when you’re having terrible day.

She knows your weakness and your strengths,

She knows what you like and what you don’t,

She hears you when you think no one else does,

And she listens to you every time you cry,

She knows what makes you angry and pushes you buttons,

She knows who you like and who you dislike,

She often even knows what makes you cry,

She loves you, and she hates you depending on the day.

I love that she knows what I’m thinking before I say it,

They say that twins have the closest connection,

but believe me when I say that my sister and I are the same person,

We love the same movies, shows, and clothes,

I love my sister for the many similarities and difference,

I even love her when she makes me angry.

Those who don’t have a sister I advise you to find one,

She’ll be your best friend, confidant, and guider,

She knows you and she’ll gives you the best advice,

I would never think twice about following her advice,

I love you, sister!

For who you are and for how much you care for me.