Ever felt like you have no idea what you’re doing?

Do you know [about] a person who you think has everything good going for themselves?

Ever wondered how they did it?

I bet you wished you could find out their secret to being so – Great. On Friday, March 15, 2019 at 7pm in the Mackeen Room of the Acadia’s Student Building (ASU), the Acadia’s Marching Axemen (AMA) will be showcasing ‘Acadia’s Greatest’. There will be live music performances, a totally relatable story to follow along with, and a revelation of that “perfect” person’s secret to being great. There will prizes and giveaways during the show. Admission is $5. Acadia’s Marching Axemen is a performing organization that was established in 2016, so I think it’s safe to say – they know what they’re doing. Come out on March 15th at 7pm to feast your eyes on the Acadia’s Greatest performance yet!


Bobbeth Colebrook

3rd Year Political Science major

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