From Battle Scars to Inner Stars

Photo by Omar Ram via Unsplash 

In shadows deep, where memories reside,

A wounded soul with battles fought inside.

But fear not, friend, for healing is near,

A journey of strength, let it be clear.


Through smoke and gunfire, scars were made,

Yet, in each scar lies a warrior’s serenade.

With every step, the path to peace unfolds,

As shattered pieces mend, and pain erodes.


In the quiet moments, a glimmer of hope,

A whisper of solace, a gentle scope.

The power of time, a balm for the heart,

Allowing wounds to heal, a fresh new start.


With patience as armor, and love as a guide,

Reclaim the self that was lost in the tide.

The battle may linger, its echoes remain,

But within resilience, the strength to sustain.


Seek solace in laughter, in music’s embrace,

Embrace the beauty of life, its delicate grace.

In the tender bonds of friendship and love,

Restore the spirit, soar high above.


Reach out for support, for hands to hold,

Together we’ll unravel the stories untold.

For healing is not a journey for one alone,

But a testament of courage, to be shown.


So let us rise, warriors united as one,

From the depths of darkness, let light be spun.

For in the wake of combat’s fierce storm,

A phoenix emerges, brave and reborn.