Information about The Axe opening

From the desk of the ASU President:

“Everyone has been working extremely hard to complete things as soon as possible. We are currently on schedule for bar services to be operational for Friday, Oct. 13th. This being said, we will not know for 100% certainty until Thursday evening after the Health Inspector is through. There are still multiple inspections yet to be completed that couldn’t be completed until this week because there were still pieces we were working on. Below are the dates for the inspections that are taking place. As you can see, the last one is on the 12th which makes this schedule extremely tight. We are waiting until Thursday to let students know we will be open because if something was to occur that prevented us from opening it would be very disappointing if we had already committed to Friday.

Harvey Architecture – October 9
Dumac Inspection – October 10
Building Inspection – October 10
NS Department of Agriculture (Health Inspection) – October 12
Liquor & Gaming Inspection – October 12

Kitchen will be opening within ten days of the bar being operational. The kitchen has taken longer than expected so will be opening later.”

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