Things That Should Have Been Curbed in 2016

  1) The notion that “White Privilege” is offensive and racist towards White People. Racism, cultural appropriation, and discrimination have been a hot-button issue throughout history. With the rise of social media platforms, along with the recent election of Donald… Continue Reading

Response to “Sha…Really?” by Christopher Vanderburgh nee The Athenaeum 79.5

In an article published in The Athenaeum last month, Christopher Vanderburgh launched a sweeping attack on shari’a, or Islamic law, linking it to everything from “backwards thinking” and sexism to beatings, rape, and beheadings. It’s a provocative piece. Unfortunately, it… Continue Reading

Unpopular Opinion: Controversial Team Names Aren’t All That Controversial

The controversy of team names has been a hot topic in the world of sports as of late, and all the attention being brought to the topic has me thinking: are these team names controversial, or are activists just bringing… Continue Reading