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October 23, 2016 Thomas Morgan 0

“I woke staring at the ceiling. I just laid there, not moving. I just watched as the shadows danced around the ceiling. They moved so […]

Road Trip

March 29, 2016 Thomas Morgan 0

  We darted out from the wooded grove and into a flat, open expanse, where fields of canola and corn and fallow land spread far […]


March 24, 2016 Thomas Morgan 0

Walking alone through night on the third day of fall; walking to the store to buy a lighter – hair loose and makeup is fading, […]

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January 29, 2016 Thomas Morgan 0

 It’s your first day of school, and your teacher’s really nice. She gives you a piece of paper and tells you to write About what […]

The Missing Page

October 1, 2015 Thomas Morgan 0

I sat at the kitchen table while the storm raged outside like wild wolves, biting and tearing at the plains. Through the scalding steam of […]

The Morning After

September 16, 2015 Contributors 0

The man awoke at dawn from the profound slumber which could be born only of complete satisfaction. He stared up at the stucco ceiling for […]