Acadia’s Culture of Getting Involved

How fascinating is it to go to a school where it is so cool to be involved in extracurriculars? People often talk about the small school experience that Acadia has to offer. Smaller class sizes mean more personal connections with professors, less students on campus means getting to know people quicker, and other benefits about the small size of Acadia are often used to market it as a great choice for a university. One of the best parts of Acadia that’s rarely discussed, though, is the culture of being involved that’s so prevalent.

Being involved at Acadia is not only normal, but it’s expected of students. Compared to a lot of other Canadian schools, especially larger schools outside of the Maritimes, Acadia encourages students to find their passion and to do something with it. Students sometimes find it surprising to come out of high school and to be so encouraged to be involved in the school and community. This is what Acadia should market: it’s ability to give students so many opportunities to discover their interests and to pursue them, despite its small size.

Being a part of something other than just classes allows students to destress by doing things they enjoy. Students tend to be happier when they feel like they have responsibilities outside of doing work, which is why it’s so great that Acadia is so welcoming towards those who are involved.

Here are just a few of the ways students can get involved with extracurriculars at Acadia:


  1. Clubs

There are so many opportunities for students to be a part of a club. Just a few of those available include

-Medical Response Team

-Model UN

-Sisters of Color


-Program Societies


  1. Sports

-Varsity & Club sports


-The Athletic Complex


  1. On-campus Activities

-Residence Assistants

-Campus tour guides

-Jobs at the SUB


  1. Volunteer Opportunities



-Triple A


  1. Jobs/volunteer opportunities within your program

-Teaching Assistants

-The Writing Centre




  1. The Athenaeum!


This is by no means an exhaustive list. A more comprehensive list can be found on Acadia’s website, but it still does not include everything there is to do in Wolfville. Perhaps it’s because the school is so small that it is that much more important to find something that interests you. With so many opportunities, a lot of students end up finding multiple ways to get involved, which makes Acadia such a unique school.