Devour: Opening Gala Review

The Devour Film Fest started Wednesday, October 25th, 2017, with the Opening Gala Reception at Fountain Commons.  The party featured eight chefs, entertaining the guests with bite size snacks that depicted gastronomy. Chefs kept it simple choosing their dishes with expertise to represent aspects of Nova Scotian cuisine. Chartwells brought chef Peter Welton to the scene with Crab-Lobster Cake paired with lemon aioli and arugula on the side. It creates a very peculiar effect for the palate since the crab meat and the lobster are very similar yet there are subtle differences, and the dressing along with the empanada did not interfere with flavours. A chef from The Brookling Warehouse presented a cleaver mini-sub. The Pastrami with cured salmon, everything spiced, smoked crème fraiche, pimento pickled salmon, and cheese, quails egg, and sprouted rye was three bites away from a storm of flavors that made an interesting combination and a novelty at every gastronomic experience at their table. You will not get bored visiting The Brooklin Warehouse.  

Nova Scotian wineries were introducing guests to Nova Scotian wine. Avondale, Grand-Pré, and Planters Ridge, among other producers and brewers, had their wine and beer available for tasting. After the speech by Executive Director Michael Howell and Managing Director Lea Rinaldo, Gordon Pinset brought guests together around the table to discuss what everyone liked the most during Devour in a friendly and welcoming way. Pinset is from Newfoundland and has a career in in film and television with credits including his performance as Grant Anderson in Away from Her (2006) and the latest, Two Lovers and a Bear, where Pinset gives voice to the bear. The party continued with rounds of drinks and good debates around the tall, small tables and the couches that filled the room. Reneè Lavallée created another peculiar taste mixing a spark of Mexican flavour with an Arepa, including: beef brisket, seasonal pickle, tomatillo and salsa and herbs that contradict the spicy tradition.  

The festival fills an important lull in the Nova Scotia calendar, bringing tourist to valley when the season speaks for itself and things are slowing down for the winter. It adds a sweeping celebration for the senses discussing novelty in every aspect of gastronomy, bringing new waves and inspiration to the province. It keeps chefs relevant and gives them a chance to make friends in Canada and beyond. The Festival continued until Sunday, October 29th, 2017 screening The Trip to Spain for the closing gala.