Cockadoodles: An Adult Coloring Book


Cockadoodles is a “colouring book full of wieners. It’s full of things to colour, as well as colouring book activities like a wordsearch, maze, circle the differences, and more. It’s just like a classic colouring book but with page after page of penis.”


How did you come about this idea?


Connor: I was at a Chapters with my girlfriend sometime during the November of 2015, and we talked about the idea of how ‘adult’ they could get. We mentioned it to Chris, and we hashed it into a coloring book about dicks. We started hashing out what we thought would be funny, and it kind of snowballed into this idea.


Chris: The ball really started getting rolling in January and February of 2016.


Did you guys end up making all the art?


Connor: Yes, unfortunately.


Was it fatiguing drawing so many penises?


Connor: We’d be talking about it on Facebook all day. And I’d be like “Dude, I just had this great idea”, so we’d draw it and send it back and forth, kinda adding things in the process. So, in that way it definitely was a bit fatiguing.


Chris: Subliminally I think that this coloring book came from that scene in Superbad when Jonah Hill draws a bunch of dicks during class.


When do you begin the distribution?


Connor: We’re submitting the order for the end of this month (December 2016) And for every one on our Indiegogo page: once they come they will be shipped immediately to you guys. And our crowdfunding stage goes until December.


How was the crowdfunding process for an idea like this?


Chris: It’s definitely tough; I mean we’ve had a lot of people say “Yup I’d definitely buy that,” but getting them to go out and actually buy it is an ordeal. With respect to getting money to make this book, I wouldn’t say there was any sense of urgency and we kinda took it as it went. We’ve also had to rely entirely on our own advertising, and that was an interesting learning experience.


Connor: There were also some other unique challenge with creating the Indiegogo page. We had to skirt a fine line between showing as much as possible to get people enticed and at the same time keeping it moderately safe for work.


Chris: We don’t want to show every body everything.


What color do you think people are going to color these penises?


Connor: It’s definitely in the eye of the beholder, these are penises basically modeled off of  “Hey, what do we want this one to look like, and hey there’s this penis.” In fact, we modeled one out of Hodor, and there is an air of mystery around it because no one knows what it is.


How did you guys advertise this book?


Chris: We did everything from making a YouTube video, using Facebook to find our target market.We figured the main audience would be women and the gay community (for gifts and such) At least a half dozen of the orders have been “Hey! I’m gonna give it to my gay uncle, he’s gonna love it.” We’ve even had radio interviews like on 101.2 the Edge in Toronto. Other than that we’ve got a prototype of our book, and we’ve shown it to anybody who was wiling to see it.


Connor: You have to be careful though, because it is a book full of dicks.



What is the reaction in your personal life?


Connor: I think they get it. They usually want to see it, and we bring out our phones and we swipe through our prototypes to show them some of the half finished images and the reception has been surprisingly positive. The reaction we’ve gotten most often has been “I wish I had that idea!” I mean  my girlfriend’s parents love the idea, which is definitely weird.


Chris: It is definitely art. The funny thing is that Connor sent the ISBN number for the book to the Canadian Heritage archive, which is a common procedure for books printed in Canada.


Connor: It’s nice to think that there’s some government employee in Ottawa that has to file this book filled with penis in to the archive.


Check out the book at: