Faculty Feature

Dr. Jennifer Macdonald


Dr. Jennifer MacDonald is our resident medievalist in the department of History and Classics. She teaches a variety of classes, including courses on the Vikings, Tudors, Anglo-Saxon England, and even the Renaissance. Her area of research includes Anglo-Saxon travel. She is very enthusiastic and passionate about the subjects she teaches, and this is certainly reflected in the classroom.


I was so lucky to have Dr. MacDonald as my academic advisor in my first year. She took the time to get to know me a bit, and learn about my interests. She suggested I take her Medieval Europe survey class, and then I was hooked. She is always open to visitors during her office hours, and is so helpful in guiding you to find the right essay topic. I always leave her office with a sense of excitement for learning more about the topic, and creating an effective essay.


After graduating last year, I decided to come back for a victory lap and write a thesis. This was an exciting decision, but it was also mildly terrifying. It was a really big word document. Even though she was not my thesis advisor, Dr. MacDonald was always around the fourth floor BAC to offer an encouraging word. She has often told me and the other thesis students to “go home!” at 6pm on a week-day, and to get some sleep and eat real food.


Not only is Dr. MacDonald a passionate and enthusiastic professor, but she also genuinely cares about her students. She has made my life here at Acadia much more rewarding, and has left me with a desire to apply my skills, knowledge, and creativity to meaningful historical research.


Fun fact: She is a direct descendant of one of Acadia University’s founders, Theodore Seth Harding.


Favourite historical film: A documentary, “Blood of the Vikings”


Quotes from students:

“She does a really good job with including the Classics students in the department, and making sure we feel invited.” – Carly Rae Hall


“Dr. MacDonald is incredibly passionate about what she teaches, and her enthusiasm has affected so many of us through the years. I’m very fortunate to have had her as a mentor this year and throughout my degree.” – Kelsey Comeau