Humans of Acadia:

A Talk with Scott Brison


“Being a part of a generation that’s made so much social progress in my lifetime is something I don’t take for granted. I remember the debates in the House of Commons in the 1990s I participated in, extending same sex pensions to the public service. A few years later the marriage debate, and being a part of the Cabinet that passed that law. I look at that with some level of pride. When I became a Cabinet minister in 2004 I became Canada’s first openly gay cabinet minister, and in 2015 I became Canada’s second openly gay cabinet minister because there were none in between. I just feel very fortunate to live in a country where I’ve been able to serve as a politician, be open and honest who I am, be elected 7 times in a rural small town riding, get married, and have a family.” –Scott Brison


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