Minifest 2016

Through all the wonderful experiences university has to offer, at the end of it all we are looking to move on from it and try our hands at our chosen fields. Every year the Acadia Theatre Company gets the opportunity to experience the overwhelming, rewarding, and stressful life of putting on its own mini festival of one act plays. Entirely run by students from across campus and faculty, this year’s Artistic Director Kira Awrey leads in more ways than one having picked up the role of Technical Director as well.

“It’s an important part of the program, to see what we can do without faculty intervention

This tradition of one act festivals moves into it 23rd rendition and looks to continue even stronger next year. A great way to end a busy year for the company, those involved get a true sense of the work required to put on a show with all its many facets.

Production Stage Manager Chris Mcewen is the mediator between the artistic and technical sides of the Minifest. Working with crews and other stage managers, he and the technical director run the backstage of Denton Hall. With sets to build and costumes to sew, the backstage franticly put together the six student director’s ideas within weeks. One of the stage mangers Jessica Norder says of her experiences:

“I think that organization by the stage manager is what helps guide the creative output, and sometimes explosion created by the director. They assist in guiding all the possible colours needed into a beautiful painting, and the actors are the paintbrushes that make it all come alive.

The artistic side of Minifest is exposed to many challenges when asked what the biggest one was Awry responded:


With several key members of casts being hit with a strong flu, some creative solutions had to be made. Notably, the Director of “Rise and Fall,” Connor Lafarge, had to step into the lead role of his play – a priest going through a wonderful ecstasy trip in Spain.

Many talented actors are given the opportunity to excel within their given roles varied as they are, but Minifest specifically gives first years a chance to see the stage. With some wonderful additions to the company coming through in this first year class; Keisha Lent, Ashley Wells, and Duncan “D- Money” Pileggi in a fourth wall destroying one act, Maddi Mackinnon shining as a southern belle, Anna Vanhoof with a hilarious performance and Paige Trueman and Stephanie Clervi telling the story of a young woman meeting the legendary Oscar Wilde.

The 23rd international Minifest is a wonderful opportunity for students to participate in the creation of theatre and is welcome to all students in any faculty of experience level.

To everyone who enjoyed the shows, either watching or being a part of them, the Acadia Theatre Company thanks you.