On October 18th, Acadia students will #StandWithHer and #StandWithSurvivors.

A recent mishandling of a sexual assault case at St. Francis Xavier University has prompted students across multiple Canadian universities to organize this week in solidarity with victim-survivors of sexualized violence. St.FX students came up with the idea to make, distribute, and wear teal ribbons in solidarity with the survivor at X, and Acadia will also be wearing teal ribbons this week to #StandWithHer and #StandWithSurvivors of sexualized violence in our own community.

Teal ribbons will be distributed and worn this Thursday, October 18th at multiple locations on the Acadia campus. Follow the Acadia Women’s Centre Facebook page for more information.

We wear teal because we stand with her. We wear teal because we stand with all survivors of sexual violence of all gender identities and sexual orientations. We stand to show support. We invite all Acadia students to #StandWithHer and #StandWithSurvivors.

Ruvimbo Z. Chipazi

BSc in Applied Psychology, 3rd Year