The Evangeline Court Music Collective

If you are interested in being a part of creative things involving contemporary classical music and ways of connecting music to other mediums of art, this collective is something you should be a part of. If you are excited to see new music concerts, attend coffee-house style events with string quartets, and in general support upcoming artists on campus, watch out for posters and updates online! Join the Facebook group (named: Evangeline Court Musician’s Collective) for the dates of meetings and events – we will be scheduling our introductory meeting within the next couple weeks.

Typically, the collective meets every two weeks to share ideas, new works, and discuss ideas for events. This provides an opportunity for creators to gain insight and constructive criticism on the things they’re working on, and allows other members to get an idea of what their peers are focusing on. Additionally, through group discussion we decide what kind of events to put on – we are open to ANY new idea. We would like to put on different events than what is already happening around town, so that we can discover new ways of sharing and experiencing art with the public. Among activities we could put on for this year:

  • A concert in the woods (weather permitting)
  • A concert featuring the world premiere of “Uncharted Worlds” our first collaborative work for String Quintet
  • An open recital/social for performers, composers, fans, and friends to relax, share ideas, and consume coffee and cookies
  • A collaborative event with visual and/or literary arts

What makes the ECMC different than a regular musical ensemble is the open-ended nature of ideas, and the focus on reaching out to other artistic disciplines. The group is intentionally separate from the academia of the School of Music so that the projects and events are shaped by the individuals in the collective, and the nature of the art itself. The School of Music tends to stay within its own four walls, and breaking from this allows us to branch out and meet artists of other fields in this area. This gives members an opportunity to hear another perspective on art as a whole, and to create something larger than themselves with the help of others in the community.

Our Mission Statement: The Evangeline Court Music Collective (ECMC) supports the coming together and communication between music creators and performers collaborating outside of an academic setting in order to promote interdisciplinary artistic innovation. ECMC supports musicians interested in new music (based around contemporary classical), those invested in expanding their compositional, performance, and collaborative abilities in a welcoming and open-minded environment. We strive to interact often with the broader artistic community, regardless of medium.

Our Goals: To bring together musicians outside of our academic environment, but in an organized setting with set aims, meetings, and projects. Run by the students, for the students.