What’s Sub, Doc? 10 need-to-know translations to survive at Acadia University

Arriving as an exchange student at Acadia was a bit like landing in a place with an entirely new language. Gone was the knowledge I thought I had gained from the campus maps; directions were given in code, places and classrooms hidden in strange, unfamiliar acronyms. With this guide, however, you too will be able to become a fluent member of this community:

10. The Library

Normally the staple in any academic institution, the library is a place where you might find a student, head buried in a book or Facebook, and quite probably stressing out around exam time. Here in Wolfville, however, The Library can mean even more. For one, the Vaughan Memorial Library, situated in the BAC, and for two, the Library Pub, where there’s more booze than there are books.

9. The BAC.

Is that a body part? Nope. The BAC is an acronym standing for the Beveridge Arts Centre. At the BAC, other than a variety of classes, you will also find the library, an art gallery, and a café.


Are you noticing a theme yet? Another acronym here at Acadia is the KCIC. Alternatively, if you’re looking for a mouthful, feel free to call it the K.C. Irving Environmental Science Centre.

7. The SUB

There’s a submarine on campus? Nope, just the SUB, or the Student’s Union Building. Situated near the BAC, this building houses many of the services provided by the ASU – including, but not limited to, the Peer Support Centre, the Women’s Centre, Safety & Security, and Cajun’s Clothing.

6. ASU

The Acadia Student’s Union, or the ASU, is a student governed organisation dedicated to supporting the students at Acadia. The ASU can be found in the SUB.

5. Rojo

Here at Acadia, rojo doesn’t mean red. In fact, Rojo is a nickname for one of the residences on campus. Rojo, or Roy Jodrey is just the first accommodation on this list to go by two names.

4. Tully

Like Rojo, Tully is another Acadia residence. Whilst the official name is Whitman House, this residence is known on campus as being the only all-female residence at Acadia today.

3. Barrax

The final residence to be mentioned on this list, Barrax, is the alternative name for ‘War Memorial House’. The official name honours the Acadia students and alumni who served and died in the Second World War.

2. Cheaton

Not a typo for adultery, the term Cheaton refers to two residences – Chipman House and Eaton House – and their shared rivalry. Now you need not be confused when the Cheaton Cup starts popping up in conversation.

1. Axemen and Axewomen

Finally, you might have heard or seen these phrases plastered around the athletics complex, and even leaking onto the campus itself. These are the male and female mascots of Acadia.