10 Haikus about Various Buildings on the Acadia Campus

Five distinct buildings
Stacked on top of each other
It's the BAC

It has so much glass
And yet it does not shatter
Huggins Science Hall

It is like the Vil
But the floors are less sticky
The Axe Bar & Grill

Beautiful garden
Whose gates are forever closed
Why, KCIC?

Confusing layout
Drunk teenagers getting lost
Welcome to Cutten

That pretty building
You will only enter twice
Still, I like U-Hall

Saw Trudeau there once
But nothing else happens at
The Fountain Commons

Refuge for first-years
Whose buildings all have guest bans
Basement of Chase Court

Zero waste, but wait--
Everything is in plastic
Wheelock Dining Hall

What to write about...
(Obligatory joke that
Makes fun of Chipman)